Akiba Flair’s Reward Program!

Welcome to our reward program! We appreciate your business and support and want to return the fun to our supporters. With this program, you’ll earn points for every purchase you make, unlocking exciting rewards along the way.

  • Register to make an account: Its easy. Go to the top right and click ‘Akiba Account‘ to go to the sign-up/login page and make an account. Its free!
  • Start Earning Nokos: What are Nokos? Nokos are Akiba’s points. And our mascots Aki Yuki’s friend. Every time you shop, you’ll earn some Nokos on your purchases. For every $1 spent, you will receive 10 Nokos.
  • Redeeming Your Nokos For Rewards: You can redeem them for in store discounts. 200 nokos = $1. Soon, you’ll be able to redeem them for other awards, and maybe redeem them to try top win some free stuff!
Akiba Nokos Rewards
  • Earning Nokos/Points: For now, the only way to earn Nokos is by spending just $1 dollar. Every dollar you spend with us, you’ll get 10 nokos to use on future purchases. Maybe even some free stuff later on!
  • Tracking My Nokos: To check how much Nokos you have, its easy. On the bottom left of your screen is a quick way to check how much Nokos you currently have at any given time. You can also go to your ‘Akiba Account‘ and click on ‘Akiba Rewards‘ to check.
  • Noko/Point Expiration: So you maybe wondering, do my Nokos expire if I don’t use them? No. They do not expire. You can come back next week, month, year or two, and you will still have your earned Nokos. We don’t kill Aki’s friends.
  • Reward Updates: How will we update you guys on any changes or additions to the Akiba Reward program? The way how this will be done is a couple of ways. We will send an e-mail out if you opt into it on the Akiba Rewards page. Second, we will have a top banner on the homepage. 3rd, we will have a small section on our home page near the bottom. And lastly, we will air it through our social channels. ( X/Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok).
  • Everything you buy from us, will earn you points that you can use for other purchases and in the future, potentially get free items.
  • Get exclusive discounts and offers.
  • Get first dibs on any upcoming promotions.


So when it comes to to how Nokos/Points work with returns or refunds, you won’t keep your points, as your refund will be given back to you with no issues as long as it falls with our policy found here.

If you run into any issues or a bug with our rewards program, contact our support at, [email protected] so we can check it out the issue. Just send us your account username and email.