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  • DokiBird Sticker


    Any item can be improved with the tomato. But this isnt that, this is the next best thing. Its Dokibird! Have you seen our mousepad, but want to take Doki on the go? Add her to anything now. Be a little **** and add Dokibird to your friends car without them knowing! Slap her on…

  • Dreamscape Tshirt


    This Dreamscape shirt does not show an anime girl. It shows an anime women. And she’s, slightly smiling at you while heading to her car?! What did you say to her? It looks like you guys are heading into her car, its a AkibaFlair car too! It’s because its a escape to your dream. Dreamscape!…

  • Akiba Backpack

    Akiba Backpack


    This is our Akiba Backpack. With a custom unique design, and our signature color scheme, it comes packed with space for anything you may put inside it. Look inside. This anime backpack isn’t just in name. You’ll find our mascot, Aki Yuki, and her friend Noko, hidden inside one of the pouches. The Akiba Backpack…

  • Dokibird DeskmatDokibird Mousepad

    Dokibird Desk Mat


    An anime girl? Dokibird? NO! This is not just any Dokibird merch, in fact, this is not a Dokibird mousepad or any type of Dokibird merch. She is a hyper tomato. This is a tomato pretending to be an anime girl mousepad… Our Dokibird desk mat comes with a unique design you won’t find anywhere…

  • Myth: The Priestess


    Will you give your life to your priestess? To the eldritch horror? Become one with your inner Takodachi? Or do something that should not be released? And unleash the 4th ‘Wah‘?   Dive into the depths of love for our tentacled queen, Ninomae Ina’nis, and become one with the Tako!!!   Part of the ‘Myth‘…

  • Akiba's Gawr Gura T-Shirt

    Myth: The Shark/Gawr Gura


    Are you a Shrimp? A fan of sharks? Or just someone who can’t get enough of smelly cute ocean creatures, like Gawr Gura? Then show your love for Gawr Gura in style and let the world know that you’re a proud Shrimp with unique Gawr Gura art you won’t see anywhere else!!! Is Gawr Gura…

  • Colorwave


    Let vibrant colors hit your set up with our “Colorwave” mouse pad. Which sports striking colors in a explosive manner and the potential culprit behind definately not minding her own business.    4 mm thick neoprene Anti-slip backing Multifunctional use Waifu 12″ × 18″ 12″ × 22″ 15.5″ × 31″ Width, in 17.99 21.99 31.30…

  • Saint’s Aura Sweatshirt


    Akiba’s Saint’s Aura Sweatshirt – where comfort meets divine style. If Anime drip is what you’ve been searching for, you’ve found it here. This exclusive piece from Akiba Flair is more than just clothing; it’s a manifestation of elegance and celestial vibes!!!  (9 _9)/ Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Saint’s Aura Sweatshirt embraces…

  • Saint’s Aura Hoodie


    The Saints Aura Hoodie is one of our stylistic choices. With an Angel at the forefront, you can feel comfort when you walk around your next anime convention! Or take it to a local church to show what a true angel looks like to all the people in there! * 50% cotton * 50% polyester…

  • Saint’s Aura Mouse Pad


    Elevate your anime experience with the enchanting “Saint’s Aura” Mousepad and her cute but distant expression! With its rich red background, it also adds a striking splash of color to your desktop setup! Or envision her coldly staring at you for things you know what you do on your pc! We dont judge!!! * 4…

  • CarelessAngel-Black-Front

    Careless Angel


    When it comes to angels, reality is often boring. Thank the heavens we have anime! And thanks to that, anime angels! She may not be Gabriel, but she got cat ears. Here at Akiba, we think that puts her higher up. If we were to ask her, she’d probably say she couldnt care less.  …

  • Point – Her


    She’s a pointer, 15.5″ × 31″ Width, in 31.30 Height, in 15.50 Thickness, in 0.12